Figline Valdarno is a Tuscan town of 17,000 inhabitants, in the province of Florence, widely cultivated with wheat and corn. Dante Alighieri talks about this town in the sixteenth Paradise Cantico of the Divina Commedia, and today – May 16th 2012 – the cyclist tour of Italy has passed just here. There could be no better opportunity for a crop circle, to show off, without running the risk of going unnoticed.

h. 21:23 come out an “ANSA” news:

FIGLINE Valdarno (Florence), 16 MAY – ‘Martian’ surprise for viewers who now flocked along the regional road 69, in the municipality of Figline Valdarno (Florence), for the passage of the Tour of Italy: in a field have noticed two large crop circles formed, apparently, flattening the plants. The two circles are a larger one and the other, inside, smaller: in the middle, the corn is high and form a ring. (ANSA).

Source: http://www.ansa.it

The event was firstly reported by “Valdarnopost.it”, at 8 p.m, where they call it a prank of practical jokers, and the glyph is looking “visibly man-made, artefact”, enough to cause hilarity by the many.

Source: http://valdarnopost.it

Of course the coincide with the passage of the cyclist Italian tour, can only raise suspicions about the burlesque nature of this training. However it must be said that we have seen many worse crop circles. In the last week many have focused on alleged crop circle completely shapeless (because theyt was natural enticements of vessels, caused by gusts of wind), on which are been made ufological speculations. By comparison, the crop circle of Valdarno is a real artwork. This is a simple circle, flanked by a ring, in which the first – if the job is well done – should fall perfectly inside. By the only photograph available at the moment, we think we can say that the invoice for this crop circle, indeed elementary, however, seems to be decent, honest.

Stay tuned for updates …