There is a crop circle in a field next to the A361 between Frome and Berkley in Somerset. It was not there yesterday, so has happened last night. Several people and the farmer there already when I saw it while walking my dogs at 8am. Farmer said there will be little he can do to stop people from going into his field, so is hesitant but ok about visitors as long as they stay to the tractor lines and do not leave litter or damage any crop. The crop is wheat, and from having a look around, it seems to be depicting something to do with planets. Central is a large standing circle, with a flattened small circle within it. There are 2 orbiting circles, one is standing, the other flat with a ring around it. The one with a ring is all spiral swirly inside. The whole formation is at a rough guess 25-30m. No sign of disruption to the standing circles. Quite a tidy circle.http://www.streetmap.co.ukMy mobile phone was at home on charge so no photos sadly, and I’m away for a week now so unable to get any until then.Sam Lennox