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The mysterious drawing would have appeared, 15 days ago, in the middle of a field. In the neighboring village, in Boigny, nobody knew … Or almost.Thursday afternoon. Black sky. The storm rages in the distance. The wind in the trees. And on this wheat field, located on the town Chécy, near the small school … The Bretauche the mysterious phenomenon. Reach a singularity at the cinema in 2002 by the American director Night Shyamalan in “Signs.” It is there. Somewhere. Hidden. Invisible from the road.Impossible to locate without an aerial photo.A strangely perfect geometryIncredible shot from the sky that this avid ULM provided to our editors. Seized after a vertical transition to the incredible crop circle – often known by its English name: “crop circle”. “Ten years I flew over the region, said Armel Couette, and this is the first time I see it. “A hoax is always possible. Ensure that the circle on the spot there. The field is located after an hour’s drive, thanks to a firefighter who knows this piece of countryside as his pocket.The land is fat. The plant runs off. The huge drawing – of perhaps 40 meters in diameter – resists, amid stalks of cereals by 70 centimetres. Total excess for two circles enclosing a triangle.In the middle of a place called the Flat-d’Étain, odours were soaked, the form appears suddenly in a wheat lying broken.Damn. It could have been entertained that night. By day, its perpetrators would have run the risk of detection. Corridors of a meter wide, ravaged corn snakes, are the main crop circle. Another, just a round, just as enigmatic plot was 50 meters further east.Geometric figures strangely perfect. Figures that question. Who is the author of this farce? Is this a performance? Is it a message to decrypt? Or, as some scientists argue, is do we in the centre of a UFO event? To create an extraterrestrial?Directorate Boigny, village-key with the key field. Café des Sports, the boss, Rudolph, was stunned by the photos. “Who did it, a cult? “It questions the customers. One knew. “It appeared, 15 days ago,” says he, detached. “It must be c … who had nothing better to do,” seems to sum up the general feeling in the cafe. To the chagrin of the boss …This is not the case, opposite the town hall Boignacienne, where the technical manager, Christophe Picard, surveyor training, speaks of “very great skill to achieve create forms as regular. You really need to know?! “Contacted Thursday, Jean-Vincent Vallies Mayor Chécy who knew nothing of the phenomenon, led his small survey. The field belongs to an old lady of Strasbourg. This confirms that the gendarmes Caciens, adding that a complaint was filed on June 6 And an investigation is underway. Limited to dry land, so to speak, a common eye on the sky. (Google Trnslate)David Creff and Buzy and Marion

Courtesy cropcircleconnector.