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http://Abulafia-Thought.com/about-us/Varda D. SarnatWhile watching the crop circle art of precision and perfection, remember that there are two possible 3D triangles (triangular pyramids) here, with different dimensions and they not necessarily intermingle but simply touch a common surface (their bases – upside down).Here are two options to extract a triangular pyramid from a cube. Both might seem the same from a birds view, (as seen on top left) in fact, the length of edges is different, The yellow triangular-pyramid sizes are 141 and 100 while brown Tetrahedron is all the same 141Both geometrical bodies share only one exact surface – a perfect triangle of 141, so while looking from above you have no way to know how short or long the side length is. perhaps the clue to figure it out can be the inner lines. And the shape of a +-“cube” at the top.,Above – Different points of view of the two pyramids touching at their bases The eyes might deceive at thinking that the crop circle is a double tetrahedron while in fact we see only two dimensions and miss the depth, so it could easily mean something like this, which is far from Mercava, perhaps it only “seem to be” The more accurate position is on the bottom left side, rather than the mercava on the rightA CUBE with a view, at the top… an elevator shooting out 3 dimensions 3 directions define a cube The crop circle “ring” as from yesterday rings a different bell…. YOODDEELLLE-HI-HI Courtesy cropcircleconnector