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Here the Crop Circle makers have just sent a ‘tricky’ circle, so to say.Before this one they have sent another CC, the ‘cube’, but no one did understand what they wanted to tell to us. So the humans use their ‘human mathematics’ for trying to find a ‘solution’. But there is NO mathematic solution behind, dear Red Collie, alias Dr. Horace R. Drew, so far you do not see ‘Sacred Geometry’ as a special form of mathematics. Sacred Geometry needs more than only your ‘logical understanding’. The depicted CC is ‘only’ two-dimensional – but you need to think ‘three-dimensional’…at least! Superfluous to mention that you should have a bit of ‘higher intelligence’. This means that you need to combine your 3-d-thinking with a ‘higher developed view’. I tell this in friendship and don’t want to offend you. So you were confused by the tricky ‘art of drawing’ as you noted:”(..) on a deeper level it shows a series of four thin lines which subdivide each side of a triangular pyramid. What do those thin lines mean mathematically, and who can solve it?” Yes, CC-makers placed the ‘net’ of lines on each side of the pyramid, even in a very tricky way so that the net not only appears as a ‘curve’ on the ‘flat’ side of the pyramid, they also added a ‘special gimmick’ by drawing a short line at the middle of each bottom side of the pyramid. This short line touches the ‘net’ exactly in the centre of its lower lines. Now the net appears even more ‘warped’. But this is only an ‘optical illusion’. However, the ‘net’ lies down on the flat side of the pyramid anyway. Hold in mind that CC-makers think very different and on a ‘higher level’ of understanding. They simply invited us to follow their ‘lesson’. But humans usually do not possess a higher understanding, which I call ‘spiritual intelligence’. CC-makers are super intelligent and – they like to ‘confuse’ humans, firstly meant as a joke and secondly meant as a ‘riddle’, a puzzle. They only want to teach us in higher understanding. The solution I present now. It was easy to recognize but very hard to draw all the circles and lines again and again.Every single circle, every single line I have drawn by FREE hand with a very old version of Paint Shop. It took me many hours to make all these drawings. Before going on I want to say big Thanks to you, Mr. Johan Andersson for your excellent diagram of the Crop Circle, which I use here as a template.FAIR USE NOTICE: This report may contain copyrighted material (e.g. the Circle drawing). Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Okay, now you will be surprised what’s to see here: After some attempts I’ve found the right size for to draw the circles (each one by free hand and watching carefully). So the crop circle shows Sacred Geometry and here is the1st part: The hidden ‘icosahedron’ (German: Ikosaeder)Here you see the surfaces of the finished icosahedron: 20 surfaces, 30 edges, 12 solid angles (German: 20 Flächen, 30 Kanten, 12 Ecken).Now the 2nd part of Sacred Geometry, the ‘Flower of Life’ and the way of it’s ‘growing’.The first image shows the ‘basic centre points’. It’s the base of any creation (think about the CC-makers and why they have sent this message). And please, watch the weird ‘net of lines’…. The following images show the next rotations of ‘spinning energy’ of creation…. Almost finished….Finally – finished: The ‘Flower of Life’. And what do you think about the strange looking ‘net of lines’ now? You see they fit perfectly into the Flower of Life. So no longer they appear as ‘puzzle’, and that’s the ‘simple’ solution…But I have spent a ‘little’ more time. Besides the ‘Flower of Life’ I can even present another part of Sacred Geometric, the so called ‘Tree of Life’, painted here in green colour. It fits perfectly into the whole Crop Circle (I have done my best but couldn’t avoid some little deviation due to FREE hand drawing. The lower green circle should be a little more downwards). Summary: Even when the Crop Circle was in some ways ‘tricky’ now we can see the message. CC-makers reminded us the cosmic facts – and the magic – of creation. They taught us a lesson of understanding the Sacred Geometrics. They even added some tricky lines for to confuse us and challenge our kind of thinking, our intelligence, especially our higher intelligence – spirituality.In our humans community we have much (and the only?) progress in technology. But what is about us and our own development of mind, feelings and spirituality? With any advanced technology you can achieve a lot. But one day there will come a point, where humans need more than (advanced) technical devices only.Think about our galactic brothers and sisters. Have they ever shot at Earth humans? But humans have shot….So we need some lessons in spirituality and LIGHT!Light = Love, Truth and Knowledge. All the three parts combined!So dear souls, I wish that you won’t forget this. Who knows, may the CC-makers send another reply same as they did in 2010 when I have sent ‘my crop circle’ to them telepathically and the very next day they ‘answered’ (Crop Circle 2010, Horton). We will see…Greetings to you and to the CC-makers.Gerd Estrup, Germany – 2012-07-05