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“Who the hell is Jilly Ballistic?” the only question on the lips of New York subway users over the past few weeks (aside from the usual queries on where the powerful smell of pee comes from). In answer to this question we’re proud to say, we’re not too sure either. The only thing we know for certain is that he/she is making street art thought provoking again without using the heavy-handed slogans we’ve all become so accustomed to ignoring.

We can also tell you that Jilly is seriously “Meta”, taking the OS warning pop-ups from our computers and pasting them large in the real world, helping subway users navigate the the choppy waters of billboard advertising with snippets of sage advice. “Expectations of the following film are critically low… Please reconsider viewing” reads one, and “We’re sorry, the product you are looking for is currently under maintenance due to a lack of quality” states another. We’re not against advertising or anything, but it is pretty wonderful to see the crap stuff getting lambasted by an incredibly shrewd mind.

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