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From the cropcircleconnector website

Phase III of Stanton St. Bernard on July 20, 2012 shows “planet Venus shining brightly above five stars of Taurus and a diamond-shaped asterism” on the date when it appeared (as the ninth crop picture from 2012 to illustrate current Venus astronomy) 

Phase I of Stanton St. Bernard on June 29 showed planet Venus among five bright stars of Taurus (including Aldebaran) on July 5, 2012 as a kind of “stellar cathedral”. Phase II of Stanton St. Bernard on July 15, 2012 then showed Venus close to the Moon eclipsing (or occulting) Jupiter on the date when it appeared.  

Phase III of Stanton St. Bernard on July 20, 2012 now shows planet Venus shining brightly above five other stars in the constellation Taurus (white dashed lines) on the same date when it appeared. It also shows a diamond-shaped asterism which lies just below those five stars in the night sky (yellow dashed lines):  

Venus was symbolized by a small four-pointed star on top of a “stellar cathedral” in Phase I. In order to create Phase III, the crop artist cleverly added “three long rays” so as to convert the upper part of Phase II into a large four-pointed star for Venus. Then he chose a new V-shaped set of stars, which lie just below Venus in the night sky on July 20, to resemble “five tears” from below the original “stellar cathedral” (white dashed lines). Finally he added a small “diamond” symbol at the very bottom of Phase III to symbolize a diamond-shaped asterism, which lies just below those five V-shaped stars in the sunrise sky (yellow dashed lines).   

Why would anyone be so interested in the sky movements of Venus since its solar transit on June 6, 2012? This is the ninthcrop picture so far from the summer of 2012 to show current Venus astronomy. It may be that those crop artists wish to fulfil an ancient Mayan prophecy, concerning the return of a legendary teacher Quetzalcoatl at the end of the Long Count calendar on December 21-23, 2012, or later in the year 2013. The Mayans associated Quetzalcoatl with planet Venus, and his life with motions of planet Venus through our night sky. In other words, as we study the sky motions of Venus, we may also be preparing for a possible return of Quetzalcoatl.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

Appendix 1. Was Phase I of Stanton St. Bernard adapted from “The View Over Atlantis”? 

Judith Simpson has suggested that the “cathedral” motif from Phase I of Stanton St. Bernard may have been adapted from a book called the “View Over Atlantis” written by John Michell in 1969 (see stantonstbernard2):  

In his 1967 book The Flying Saucer Vision, Michell took the view that an imminent revelation of inconceivable scope was nearly at hand, and that the appearance of UFOs was linked to a new phase in our planetary history. Then in 1969 he published a second book The View Over Atlantis, where he argued that an ancient system of ley lines linked together megaliths or monuments from the distant past” (see John_Michell_(writer) ).  

While I was studying this new crop picture, I was contacted by a spiritual teacher Kiernan Antares in Canada. She pointed out that Phase III resembles an energy mandala shown in her book “The Emerald Heart” on which she meditates regularly: 

She even wrote an essay about the new crop picture called “Atlantis Was Just Our Dress Rehearsal” (seekiernanantares.com  ). Quite an unusual series of synchronicities, since Judith and Kiernan do not know one another!


Here is The article of Judith Simpson 

As an exercise in speed writing, I thought I should see if I could interpret phase 3 of the Stanton St Bernard Circle before Red Collie does.  Red has already brilliantly deciphered phase 2 so I need not go there.

The first image laid down was simply that of Lichfield Cathedral, taken from John Michell’s book ‘THE VIEW OVER ATLANTIS.’
One can therefore reasonably extrapolate from this base that phase 2 is that ‘VIEW’ looking down on ATLANTIS. The reason the circle-makers chose Lichfield Cathedral is immaterial (see sepia image of Cathedral in comments on Phase 2). They just had to feature one of the many schematics found in this book … that’s all. The 5 high spires and the 5 low droplets were then developed to create a more complex metaphor. The Cathedral’s connection to the planet Mars is also immaterial.

The key to unlocking this metaphor is therefore in the’ title’ of this book … not the Cathedral. The 5 droplets below are the water droplets of Atlantis as it figuratively rises up from its location in the Bahamas. Obviously, in reality, Atlantis aint’ goin’ anywhere, so this CC may be pointing us toward some kind of imminent disclosure.

Phase 3 therefore, if genuine, could either be pointing us toward a diamond shaped Atlantean temple that FAMSI have found below the Bahamas or to the diamond lattice structure of quartz crystal, which is also found in abundance there. These two websites should help: www.famsi.org (AZTLAN is another name for ATLANTIS). FAMSI is based in Florida, close to the Bahamas. And this website www.howcropcirclesaremade.com is also based in Florida, close to the Bahamas. Surely this is just a coincidence.