Jubilee Copse of July 28, 2012 was a human-made fake, showing a hard-to-read message in reversed Braille Grade 1 or 2 Several days ago, I received a private message from another crop-circle researcher, with the claim that a vocal English skeptic claimed to have been involved with making Jubilee Copse of July 28, 2012. In order to provide evidence that he had actually made something, the skeptic provided a brief phrase which was supposed to contain two clues on how to read it:“None so blind as the backward”. I realized that the skeptic was telling the researcher to read it in Braille, but with the letters reversed, which would make that well-known code for the blind harder to recognize! By reading it in “reversed Braille”, I was quickly able to pick out a word “planet”. The entire message seems to say “knowledge of this child shall give you more time with this quiet planet”: Three underlined words (“give”, “time” and “planet”) come from Grade 1 Braille and seem unambiguous. Other parts of the message come from Grade 2 Braille which is harder to read. If any experts would like to decode this message more accurately, we would be grateful? The obscure message may have been taken from a British science-fiction movie called “Quiet Planet” (2012), or from a song of the same name. Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)