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All aerial Images Rod Hoekstra Copyright 2012


Kite Aerial Photography of Crop Circles, near Wilbur, Washington, USA, Aug 2, 2012

I am extremely excited to present these kite aerial photography images of crop circles in Eastern Washington. Last night I came across a news story that said that crop circles had shown up in a fairly remote part of the state, and I thought about it all night and this morning after getting a few things done in Seattle I threw my KAP kit together and drove east. The drive was about 4 hours, and I had no idea if I was going to get good wind, good lighting conditions, or even whether or not the farmer had already harvested the field. I was extremely fortunate in that everything worked out perfectly, and I got this and several other good images. Crop circles in Washington are quite rare, this is the third one in roughly the same area in about as many years. Personal opinions about how these are formed varied a great deal with the people I spoke with in the area. When I arrived someone was just leaving and muttering about microwave radiation. Others were convinced young kids had done it, and one person thought the farmers themselves had done it. Regardless, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see crop circles, something I’ve never been able to see before in my life.



All aerial Images Rod Hoekstra Copyright 2012

The wind conditions were very good, a little bit of variability, but not much. At one point the wind died completely, I had to haul in my quite very quickly in order to not land it in unmolested wheat, and when I was able to launch it again later the wind direction had shifted. There are close up blurry photos of trampled wheat during that segment.

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Technical Details:
6′ Rok Kite
Canon S90, using CHDK
Brooxes Simplex Rig

Courtesy of cropcircleconnector