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The Cheesefoot formation is a complex labyrinth. I walked it with 2 friends, quadrant by quadrant. It is approximately one mile’s walk following the underlay of the crop and letting it lead you gently round the labyrinth. It was a truly wonderful experience, especially as we were the only people in the circle at the time and we seemed to have entered another world away from the noise and problems of our daily lives . Labyrinths are ancient designs, Daedalus having designed the first one to house the fearful Minotaur in 1600 BC. Over the years labyrinths have been used for many different purposes from Ecclesiastical, ritual, magical protection, song , dance etc but perhaps the most important function is walking the journey of one’s life as we seek the Eternal Holy Grail, suffering the many twists and turns as we tread our earthly pilgrimage.When you look into this design you will see both Celtic crosses and chain links, symbols of both Spirituality and Unity. These qualities symbolise the spirit of unity and friendship that have characterised the London 2012 Olympic Games. How beautiful is that?

courtesy of cropcircleconnector.