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URGENT. Appears “agrograma” of 52 meters in Mexico. Starts the 2012 season.Tlapanaloya. State of México. Reported 23rd September.The Diameter is 54 meters and Oats.September 23 This was reported the presence of a “agrograma” composed of circles, halfmoons Triangle to a growing field in Mexico, local authorities are surprised of what has appeared, locals say That is for decades have been sightings of UFOs. An extraordinaryevent which starts the 2012 season of crop circles in Mexico. Extraordinary event which starts with the 2012 season of crop circles in Mexico. sept23-mexico-stretch.jpg

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It’s a pleasure to greet you all. My name is Yohanan Díaz Vargas. I am a Jaime Maussan’s Tercer Milenio TV show and tercermilenio.tv website reporter. The reason to contact you is that we understand that you have been following the events of Crop Circles around the world, and we want to establish links to participate in an exchange of news, images, films, ideas and general communication with your organization. Crop Circles in México Yohanan Díaz Vargas, @yohanandiaz The 2012 Crop Circles season has begun in Mexico with an amazing design, including triangles, circles and half moons.This is so far, the most impressive crop circle know to us in Mexico.This event was reported on last Sunday September 23rd morning to our staff during our Tercer Milenio show, and to me through a call to my cell pone by the El Llano, Tlapanaloya inhabitants at Tequixquiac municipality, a rural área, one hour and a half drive north of Mexico City.The Crop Circle was embossed over an oat field; they assured us that the image was not fabricated by them, and they don’t know who made it.We inmediately went to see for ourselves. An impressive Crop Circle. The Crop Circle consists of an internal central circle that measures 10.20 meters and on its north and south poles has half moons (or ‘’hatchets’’, as the locals defined it) that measures 24 meters each; east and west we find two circles that are 7.60 and 6.50 at a distance from the center of 3.50 and 7.30 meters, ergo, the image is not simetrical. All this surrounded by a a bigger circle of one meter width with the spikes bent counterclockwise and of 25.40 meter radius; that is tos say that this part is 50.80 meters wide. But surrounding all these elements there are 16 triangles evenly distributed that measure 3.10 by 4.70 meters each one. The whole Crop Circle occupied an área of 60.20 meters. The formation was laid on two properties, Adolfo Perez’ and José Luis Cordero’s, both measuring 1.25 hectare and both sown with oat, that is used for cattle feeding. Together they lost about Mex$6,000.Seven Thousand people visited the Crop Circle. This formation presented a peculiar weave in the crushing of the crop, and we must point out to the fact that no single stem was broken, they were just bent, still alive, something that surprised the farmers because they had not seen anything like this before. We questioned the owners of the field, if they thought the formation was made by animals, water runoff, or a prankster that wanted some attention. They adamantly said: ‘’No, no; we don’t want to fool people, this thing just appeared here overnight, we don’t know who made it. And even more, we lost the money invested in the crop. Who is going top pay for that?’’ They were worried more about gathering some money to buy seees for the next season. To date, more tan 7,000 people have come to see the Crop Circle from nearby towns and from the neighboring states of Hidalgo and Queretaro. When we flew over the formation, we noticed the damage caused by the curious visitors and many took soil, plants, or stones as souvenirs of the ‘’alien message’’ as some referred to the design.