imageA puzzle for the readers, relevant to this new crop picture: Isaac Asimov’s Second Foundation was located at the “opposite end of the galaxy” from his First Foundation. Our Milky Way galaxy is a double spiral. Where is the “opposite end” of a spiral located, relative to the ends of its two arms? (see a second time in the summer of 2013, a Google Doodle appears coincident with a new crop picture near Silbury Hill On July 7, 2007, a “Roswell UFO crash 1947” crop picture appeared near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire (see comments orarticles). Google on the same day of July 7, 2013 posted a video game concerning the Roswell UFO crash on the world’s computers (see roswell-anniversary or or Now for a second time in the summer of 2013, we can see a clear conceptual match between Google and crops! Another crop picture appeared near Silbury Hill on August 8, 2013 in the image of our “Milky Way galaxy” (see above). On the next day of August 9, 2013, Google ran a similar image as had just appeared in crops, to honour an Australian radio astronomer called W.N. Christiansen (see or Wilbur_Norman_Christiansen): Just a coincidence or something more? I had already sent the first slide shown above to the CCC website, before that Google Doodle was posted on-line as shown in the second slide. Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)Courtesy of cropcircleconnectorimage