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Banksy's Street Art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Day 17 of "Better Out Than In"

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Banksy Ghetto 4 Life



Banksy NYC, Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo: Art fans



Banksy in Brooklyn

In today’s world of street art, no one garners more international fame than the graffiti superstar known as Banksy. The elusive artist began in the ’90s with creating satirical stencils in and around his hometown of Bristol, U.K., and built a massive following that expanded beyond England. In 2006, he sold his originals from the high-end Sotheby’s auction house to celebrities and dabbled with art installations and gallery exhibitions. After years of making his mark — from Israel’s West Bank barrier in Bethlehem to Anaheim’s Disneyland to multiple museums to the London Zoo — his latest venue is New York City. And to add mystique to a month’s worth of art from his October residency, he has still somehow kept his identity a secret, while fans continue to pose in front of his wall works in various NYC locations before they disappear.

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Photos from NYC♥NYC, bytegirl24, squirrel83, M-Dashing, Luna Park, Scoboco, carnagenyc, Manzari, and Simon Collison.